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Diamond Pattern Kit - Queen

This queen diamond kit creates a stylish pattern when growing with vines such as star jasmine, clematis or bougainvillea. This system can be used for fixing onto timber fences, concrete block or brick substrates. For use with concrete and brick, screw plugs are required which are available from your hardware store.

This kit includes two locking anchors and platforms, one for each end of your espalier wire run and enough specially-designed radial wire guides to complete the queen diamond pattern.


Espalier Kit Layout

The diagram below shows the layout of how the kit will be constructed on your fence or concrete/brick wall.

This diamond pattern cannot be extended as it is a loop pattern.
For an extended diamond pattern see our King Diamond Kit.



This kit contains:

2 x Espalar Anchors

2 x Anchor Platforms (with screws)

7 x Radial Wire Guides (with screws)

1 x Tension Cap

1 x End Cap

14 x Hex Head Screws (40mm)

4 x Hex Head Screws (25mm)

Wire not included.

For best results we recommend our stainless steel wire rope (not braided wire), available in varying lengths. 


Diamond Pattern Kit - Queen


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